Harrison Utilities is located on the north shore of Lake Winnebago in Calumet County, Wisconsin. It was created by the Town of Harrison as a Town Sanitary District in 1972, became operational in 1984 and continues to provide sanitary sewer and water services to an area comprised of portions of the Village of Harrison, City of Menasha, and City of Appleton.

Important Announcements

Residential sewer allowance in effect

The residential sewer allowance is in effect from April 22nd until mid-October. The sewer allowance is intended to reflect the fact that many people use water for watering lawns and gardens or filling swimming pools during that time. While your water charge is still calculated at the usual rate of $5.07/1,000 gal, your sewer charges are capped at an amount based on your average consumption from November-April because we know that excess water usage isn't going down the drain. Feel free to contact us with questions.