Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services do you provide?

Harrison Utilities is a public water and sanitary sewer provider. If you have questions pertaining to garbage, recycling, storm water, taxes, or other services please contact your municipality of residence.

  • How do I apply for service at a new  connection?

The first step in applying for a new service connection (typically vacant land or an existing building with available service) is to request an application form by emailing, calling, or stopping in our office. Upon acceptance of the application form and payment of the applicable sanitary sewer connection fee a permit will be granted by Harrison Utilities, which you can then take to the pertinent municipal office (Village of Harrison, City of Menasha, or City of Appleton) as part of their application process. 

  • How do I start or stop service at an existing connection?

To start or stop service for an existing connection you can email, call, or stop in our office to notify us of your request. Please provide the following information along with your request:

  1.  First and Last Name
  2.  Service Address
  3.  Phone Number and/or Email Address
  4.  Start Date or End Date of Service
  5.  If stopping service, a forwarding address for the final bill
  • What are my payment options?

See the Billing and Payments page  for details.

  • Do you bill monthly or quarterly?

We bill monthly.

  • When will I get my bill and when is due?

Bills are typically mailed on the 27th of each month (depending upon the day of the week it falls upon) and are due on the 20th of the following month (regardless of the day of the week it falls upon).

  • Is there a way I can pay the same amount each month?

We do not offer an "average" or "budget" billing program, but you can pre-pay any amount you'd like and you will still receive your monthly statement. Your statement will show you whether you have a credit balance and you can simply send another payment when your credit balance gets low, effectively creating a way to pay fewer times per year if that is your preference.

  • How much can I expect my monthly bill to be?

Monthly usage depends upon a variety of seasonal and household factors. Many people use a broad estimate 1,500 gallons per month per person for estimating purposes. See our Billing Rates page for monthly service charge and volume rate information.

  • My bill was unusually high this month. What happened?

The most common reason for higher than usual water usage is a leaking toilet. Typically it is either a sticking flushing mechanism or a worn out flapper (valve seal) between the tank and bowl.

  • Why are there "Private Fire Protection" and/or "Public Fire Protection" charges on my bill?

While Harrison Utilities is a public water & sanitary sewer service provider, the Wisconsin State Public Service Commission (PSC) dictates that we charge these fees for the provision of public fire hydrants and the necessary water pressure (known as "over-sizing" the system) in order for local fire departments to keep our community safe. Additional details can be found on the PSC's website  (external):

  • We will be filling a pool or watering landscaping. Do you offer a break on our bill?

During the warm months we believe most additional water is used outside for pools, sprinklers, etc., and is not going into the sanitary sewer system. Residential customers receive an automatic sewer allowance on their bills for service from mid-April to mid-October, based on their average winter usage from mid-October through mid-April. The specific dates of the seasonal sewer allowance period depend upon the monthly reading schedule. Notice of the start and end dates will be included on the preceeding bill.

There is no discount or allowance on water usage as Harrison Utilities purchases water in bulk from the City of Appleton and the price we charge is regulated  by the Wisconsin Public Service Commision (PSC).

  • I found flags and/or painted marking in my yard. What are they for?

When we receive a Digger Hotline ticket our personnel are required to mark our services in the area requested on the ticket. We are only marking water (blue flags/markings) and sewer (green flags/markings) lines.