Important Announcements


Postcard from "Harrison utilities fire protection"

On Monday, June 17th, Harrison Utilities customers who reside in the City of Menasha began receiving a postcard with a return address of "Harrison Utilities Fire Protection". The postcard contains an invoice for fire protection charges based on your Parcel ID.  This postcard was sent by the City of Menasha without the knowledge of Harrison Utilities.

Harrison Utilities has received numerous calls from concerned residents regarding these charges and the general lack of information provided in the notice. The City of Menasha has published the following memorandum explaining the origin and nature of the fire protection charges. The memorandum instructs concerned residents to contact the City of Menasha's Administrative Services Director, John Jacobs, at his office: 920-967-3631.

Annual Water Quality Report

View a copy of our 2018 Annual Water Quality report here.

Save Money On Your Water Bills

There are many ways to save money on your water bills. Here's a link to one of several websites available that provide easy water saving tips.